Thursday, September 6, 2012

The MTC, Provo UT

 One of those pictures that I'm sure every missionary takes.  Notice the international date line between "here and there"
 The District.  Elder Frazier commented that just one year ago he was living two blocks South in Heritage Halls.  Oh how time flies!

Some "lovin" from family members!  

 Nick's college room mate, friends from 1st grade at the American School in Japan.  Both going back to Asia to serve the Lord (Elder Hunsaker is serving in Thailand).

 Elder Frazier shared that when he first arrived in the MTC he was told the days are like weeks and the weeks are like days... within a short period of time he quickly realized the truth of this expression.  From week to week the Korean gets a little better, the desire to serve with all one's mind, might, and strength gets a little  stronger and the insights and expressions of gratitude and testimony get a little deeper...
 There have been many wildfires this summer in the West.  Finally the smoke cleared and a beautiful late afternoon sun illuminates the valley below.
A great reminder for us all.  Do it Daily!