Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The subtle things that make you laugh

 A  couple of things do get lost in translation however the music and the Spirit sound and feel the same!

Soccer seems to be the P-Day activity of choice!  

A P-Day at the science museum with the Elders

Elder Frazier found a quick way to dry his hair at the science museum on a raining day...

Baptism and Miracles

On Saturday September 14, 2013 Paul entered the waters of baptism.  It was a wonderful day for all involved.

Elder Frazier summarized the day as follows:  "Paul got baptized!
The service went well but I was stressed out of my mind. Planning that stuff is tricky haha. Elder McLeod baptized him and I did the confirmation. The ward was very welcoming and I have started to worry about finding a friend for him. That's were this week's miracle steps in, last night elder killpack and mcleod were contacting down by the train station when a pakistani man walked up to them and told them he was muslim but open to christianity. He has an english book of mormon but it is confusing so he wants one in Urdu. He wants to meet and learn more, got his number. If the ward can't provide a friend, we'll baptize one! There is going to be a pakistani ward in korea before there is one in Pakistan! Anyways, it was a great week."