Monday, October 14, 2013

Elder Frazier  has been transfered to the City of Seoul.  He has taken on some additional responsibilities as a Zone Leader and currently is assigned to labor with two companions.  This last transfer brought 33 new missionaries to the mission while only 3 returned home - it seems as though a lot of training is happening!  In order to understand Elder Frazier's new area better and how things are going we played a little game - 20 Questions...

Q - What do you like most about your new area? A - I like just being in the city. That's mostly it, the people are meaner haha. 
Q - What is the greatest challenge with the new area? A - Working with the ward. They aren't as friendly and three wards were combined into one last year. there is some ward contention
Q - What are your new responsibilities with your zone? A – training with other companionships and just talking responsibility when things go wrong haha. that's about it. 
Q - How large is the zone - # of missionaries, % of mission geography covered? A - 23 missionaries. like 5%. it's a really small zone geographically.
Q - What has been the greatest experience so far as a Zone Leader? A - Being able to train the missionaries one on one when the opportunity presents itself. It's interesting. I feel like people respect me more. I came to a new zone and people don't know me as well, interesting. 
Q - What are your responsibilities for Zone Conferences? A - we never have zone conferences. we've had one my whole mission and there is a mission conferences like, every 2-3 months.
Q - How big is your new ward? A - 140 active members
Q - How many missionaries are serving in this ward? A - 7
Q - How close are you to the mission home? A - I'm a 20 minute train ride. We are the area over.
Q - Do you see President Christensen more often with you new responsibilities? A - Yes. It's awesome. 
Q - What is your current most favorite fruit?  A - don't know really. really, we don't eat much of it so whenever you get any, it's a treat. 
Q - How would you describe the most challenging part of being a Zone Leader? A - not sure yet haha it's only been a week.
Q - What are the 5 most recent Korean words you have learned (English Please...)? A - accent, to tie a tie, public transportation, delusion, to pee. it always surprises me how many random words you learn by living with a Korean
Q - With the weather getting colder, what do the Korean people drink to keep warm? A - it is getting cooler. They have a lot of teas. Unlike japan, not many of them are tea leaf bases (they're herbal) so we get to drink essentially all of them
Q - How is the knee? A – fine.
Q - How is the toe? A - all better. not sure how haha but it doesn't give me any problems.
Q - What do you do for exercise each day? A - pushups, a pull-up if i want, a lot of stretching haha
Q - Tell us about your current investigators... A - We have one really not much to say. We’re in the process of finding more right now. funny how that happens.
Q - What are the most important things you can teach your younger brother prior to his mission? A - that's almost as hard as the last question. I think, just try to develop a deep love for Christ and try to understand his life a little more.
An Elder who has returned to the area for some military training.

Living "posh" in Seoul...
Elder Kim before he returns home from serving an
honorable mission... I'm sure Elder Frazier is giving
him a bit of a hard time... showing his love the
Elder Frazier way.

New "Green" Companion Elder Park... I'm sure the caption in his head is saying something like - "What have I gotten myself into with these two Elders...?"

The Threesome, Elder Nye from Kirkland, OH, Elder Park from the Southern part of South Korea.  A great picture.
We are grateful for the experiences he is having and the blessing we feel in our lives from his faithful service!