Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Well the big day has arrived and today at 12:55pm Elder Frazier entered the MTC.  The whole place was alive with activity - families would arrive through the front gate, proceed to the next open unloading zone, stop for a quick unload, a round of hugs, and then quickly depart through the back gate with one less occupant.

We were packed into the Pilot like sardines and must have looked like the clown car at the circus as we unloaded onto the sidewalk to say our last good-byes before Elder Frazier was escorted to the front doors. 

Prior to our 12:55pm appointment we stopped at Spicy Corea (yep, spelled with a "C") for some Korean kimchi and bulgogi!  It was great having some authentic cuisine before his departure. 

We are already anxious for his first email to learn about the experiences of his first week in the MTC - the daily schedule, the language, the food, the new companion, and especially the experiences with the spirit.   We've given the Lord a Young Man and now the journey begins! 
The kimchi was spicy!

Amie got an "extra" hug from her boy!

He did look back for one final goodbye!

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